Why lavidaBlue?

Angela Worley

Ever since I launched the website (about 2 weeks ago) I keep getting asked, “Why did you decide to start this business?” I usually give a short version for an answer. In reality, I have so many reasons for going into business. I want to talk about the 3 main, most important reasons as to why I decided to give this women’s fashion thing I try. It has been the most nerve racking, most intimidating, most extreme risk I’ve ever taken. But it’s not about me, it’s about you, the customer.  

Have you ever shopped online and really liked the way a dress, top, skirt, etc. looked on the model? Only to order the same item and find it looking the complete opposite of what you thought it would look like on you? I often find that online clothing stores use models that are either unusually thin or extremely voluptuous (big busts and big booties), neither of which is a body type I come close to. When choosing which items to carry, I always keep in mind the woman that may not have been blessed with the biggest assets or the woman who isn’t model type petite. I want her to feel confident from the minute she places her order to the day she wears it, which is why I choose models that have the body type that most of us can relate to. Whether you’re a size small or a size large, I want you to own your look, be more than satisfied with your purchase, and most of all, NEVER, EVER, EVER feel buyer’s remorse when shopping lavidaBlue. Not only will you feel terrible, we will for sure feel worse knowing that we caused it. I’m committed to making lavidaBlue a buyer’s remorse-free zone. This brings me to my second reason…

One thing I absolutely cannot stand when ordering online is receiving my order and the material feels so cheap! It would be one thing if the price represented the material, but let’s be honest, not every online store is going to think this way. The worst part about a scenario like this is knowing you’ve been way overcharged for this cheap piece of material. Wouldn’t you agree this is the ideal situation for buyer’s remorse? Yes, most of the materials that the item is made up of is listed in the item description, but not everyone is familiar with all these different types of fabrics. As the owner of lavidaBlue, I promise you will never feel cheated. All of our items are made with great quality and I pride myself on only carrying quality material and quality styles. If it doesn’t feel good in my hands, I won’t put it in yours. Now this is a great opening for reason three...

The most important reason for going into this business for me— never treating customers like wallets. As a lavidaBlue customer, you’re supporting a dream. I want you to know that we appreciate each one of you and we want you to feel appreciated. How do we make you, the customer feel appreciated?  We work hard on shipping your item(s) as quickly as possible, we will not keep you waiting with any questions or concerns, emails are always answered promptly, and we promise to always, always, give you your money’s worth. We’re not looking for just a sale, we’re looking on building a strong reputation. And how do we do that? By taking care of each customer that shops with us. Shopping shouldn’t just be a transaction, it should be an experience. We’re constantly brainstorming and bouncing different ideas on how to make our customers have an amazing experience at lavidaBlue. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited for what’s to come.

Your feedback means the world to us. Email me at with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to catch up with the blog. Have a great work week and a fun weekend!

Angie. XO.

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lavidaBlue is a small, online boutique for the woman who wants to Beautifully Look Unique Everyday. From casual to dressy, we're providing you with great quality pieces that fit like a glove.


"The skirt fit amazing and I love your customer service! Thank you!"
-Alexus C., Utah.
"I loved the dress and the quality. Great customer service! :) The personal touch makes me want to come back and visit."
-Charde H., California.
"Thank you so much for the quick turn time on my return. I love your outfits. Keep them coming <3"
-Lateisha W., Utah.





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